Pirner- library

Come in and enjoy!

Our Pirner library invites you to enjoy evenings spent reading and playing games, or simply passing the time. Browse our selection of books and plan your stay in a cozy, relaxed, and leisurely way.

We dedicated the name of the library to Ms. Paula Pirner. In 1924, together with her husband Georg Pirner, she and her husband Georg Pirner led the Hotel Eisenhut with great sensitivity into one of the best hotels in Germany and helped it achieve a truly world-wide reputation. This meant that the hotel once became a stronghold for well-known personalities. Celebrities such as the 126th Emperor of Japan, Hiro-no-Miya-naruhito, Winston Churchill, Burt Lancaster, Erich Kästner, Mario Adorf and many others have already been guests at the Hotel.


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